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We pride in offering the best in class alternative solutions for contact center services. The services we offer at Audigold Virtual Services are segmented under inbound call contact center customer service and outbound customer service respectively (primarily on a return call basis for voicemails and missed calls). We connect and give equal important to large or small businesses and ensure all our clients to get reduced costs and enjoy excellent service delivery. We partner with our clients at every stage of their business and help them increase their profitability and efficiency, while addressing every changing need of the dynamic market!

Audigold Virtual Services undertakes client specific expectations and addresses them in a cost effective, sustainable, and super comprehensive manner such that it helps our clients to grow exponentially and be rest assured that their business clients in turn are provided the best in class support and customer service.

Audigold Virtual Services strongly believes that effective customer service is an an absolute win- win for any business when it comes to customer retention and thus implements a robust customer support system. We have a holistic approach to customer service and it revolves primarily around Quality management, Customer service consulting, First Time Right (FTR), Training management and the theory of “Once a customer is always a happy customer”

The specialized Audigold Virtual Services team heavily emphasizes on Long term business goals vs. Day to Day Operational Metrics, Overall Profits vs. Customized Cost Savings, providing solutions that deliver continuing custom value, Proliferation of segmentation criteria, Going Beyond Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and delivering and thus building a long-lasting relationship with out valued clients.

We have trained professionals and invest in rigorous in-house trainings so that our team is excels in providing the best in class customer service. We cover everything starting from acknowledging customers over the phone calls and later continuing with the answering services including calls pertaining to lead prospects, collections, sales, customer care programs, follow up calls, authentication, credit card verification, taking orders on calls, etc.

Audigold Virtual Services can be your one-stop business process service provider and cater to help desk functions, back office customer support, whatever may be your need for call center outsourcing, we have the best answer ready for you at Audigold Virtual Services.

At Audigold Virtual Services we pride in providing customer service in the form of the following:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Inbound Call Support
  • Return Voicemail Call Support
  • Outbound Call Support
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