Startup Business Consulting 

Trust us when we say that we have the necessary skill set to help you setup your business, we partner with you right from the stage of conceptualizing a business idea to helping you scale up to running million dollar companies with all kind of support that can be provided virtually.

Together we help you conceptualize the probability of a company/business idea and what services we can offer and how we can offer them and help startup your new million-dollar venture!

There have been numerous occasions where we have worked with startups and have been involved in the setup of users for software/apps and that was mostly done using TeamViewer or Go To Meeting where we would lead each and every user through a 1 hours call showing them how the software/app operates and how they can navigate and best utilize and optimize the various functionality that the product had to offer.

We also help setup the users and provide them with their login credentials and also set the various roles and security templates in the software, based on the type of users. We were the one point of contact for customer support through email and phone. Your customers can call us anytime, with any kind of query and we would always be there to solve it. If it was something that is too technical then we assure the client that we will get back to them and we would then liaison with the development team and get a resolution to the issue and then call back the customer and conduct a Go To Meeting, Skype Screen Share or a TeamViewer meeting and help them with the issue.

We have also been involved in providing demos to prospective customers and very humbly, excellent at highlighting the benefits of the software/app or the product/service that we support for our clients and how it would help ease the user’s day to day operations and save them time.

We also run and in house analytics department and offer customized off the shelf reports for the customers and explain to them how the report operates and what the final output is. We also educated the users as to how they could design custom reports for themselves.

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